3 Ways to Make Your Kitchen Green

3 Ways to Make Your Kitchen Green

Going green means adopting ways to be more eco-friendly. Many people think that this means eating green, but that’s not the only way to make your kitchen green. You can adopt habits to prepare food in an energy-efficient manner, along with changing up your cleaning habits. Moreover, by investing in kitchen equipment made from sustainable materials, you ensure that your space is free of toxic chemicals.

The good part is that going green is not too tough on your pocket, which benefits the planet! Here are some effortless ways to make your kitchen go green:

1.   Long-Lasting Cooking Equipment

One of the best ways to make your kitchen green is to invest in cooking equipment that will last you for decades. This means that you will have to get rid of the Teflon. There are many debates on whether non-stick surfaces are hazardous to our health or not. However, we all know that their purpose is limited. The best alternative is to opt for stainless steel or cast iron.

Even though cast iron skillets are slightly more expensive, they will last you forever. Moreover, you should look for sturdy utensils instead of cheap alternatives. For example, cheap wooden spots can rot, and plastic can melt if left on the stove.

2.   Don’t Preheat

Preheating has become ancient over recent years. There are a number of modern ovens available that reach the desired temperature quickly, making preheating an old method of cooking. Of course, you will still need to preheat when making soufflés and other delicacies.

Whenever you roast or bake any food item that does not follow a strict cooking time, you can easily put them in the oven straight away. Switch the oven off ten minutes before the set time so that the dish can cook in the leftover heat. This method works for electric stovetops as well.

3.   Don’t Purchase Pre-Prepared Food

Even though the media and your favorite celebrities may advertise the use of pre-prepared and frozen foods, we highly discourage their use. There are many dishes that can be prepared at home, frozen, and then reheated without any hazards to health or loss of taste. So, why make yourself suffer from tasteless food when you can buy and eat fresh?

You can also stop buying fruits from the market and grow your own vegetables and fruits at home! The composted kitchen waste can be utilized as a natural fertilizer. Moreover, you can clean kitchen counters with a DIY cleanser by making a mixture of white vinegar and baking soda.


Remember, to make your kitchen go green, you must remain consistent. There may be days you want to fall back into your old habits, but remain persistent!

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