A Clothing Guide for Short Girls

A Clothing Guide for Short Girls

Embracing your body is the best way to live life. After all, you need to love every curve, every inch, and everything that makes you, you. However, as a short girl, you must also dress in a way that makes you feel comfortable. It is all about picking clothes and styling yourself appropriately so that you can elongate your natural figure.

Here is a clothing guide for short girls that will accentuate your petite frame and also help you take up space wherever you go. That doesn’t mean you should always wear six-inch heels! Instead, you need to dress in a way that will help you look taller.

1. Don’t Hide the Ankle

Does this mean that you should lessen the use of super long pants? Yes. As a short girl, you need to steer away from dragging hems, bunched-up jeans, or anything that can make your legs look bulky.

Instead, always try to show just a little bit of ankle regardless of whether you wear jeans or flared pants. This little peek can be an inch above your boots or sneakers well. You really do not have to go overboard. This trick will help people think you are 5’6, even if you just border 5 feet in real life.

2. Don’t Always Stick to Straight Jeans

Don’t get us wrong. Straight jeans look super cute. The slim denim definitely helps elongate those legs. However, you can try to mix things up by choosing split-hem jeans. These do not fall in the bell bottom category but can be styled with different shoes, including round-toe boots or pointy flats.

You may think that you have limited clothing options as a short girl, but that is not always true. If you cannot find split-hem jeans that fit you well, simply ask a tailor to shorten them and lengthen the split-hem detail.

3. Crop Tops are Your Best Friends

Before you roll your eyes, give us a chance! Crops tops do not always mean that you have to expose your belly button at all times. Instead, choose tops and t-shirts that do not go below your hip bones.

Short people naturally have a shorter torso. However, crop tops help balance out the silhouette, unlike a tunic. Wear your shirt shirts with some high-waisted jeans or skirts that end at your shins. You can dress this outfit up or down depending on the occasion.

4. Say Goodbye to Shapeless Tops and Dresses

Sack dresses are really not good for your figure. You must understand the kind of clothing that will look good on you and the kind that will make you look like you have walked out in your pajamas.

Roomy dresses are, unfortunately, not your best style. This is because your petite frame will be swallowed up in the fabric. Instead, choose dresses with wrap details or even fit-and-flare styles that will show off a bit of your figure.


We hope this clothing guide for short girls helps you update your wardrobe!


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