Essentials You Need When Planning a Short Trip

Essentials You Need When Planning a Short Trip

There is nothing more exciting than planning a trip with your friends and family members! Everyone takes a few days off from work, says goodbye to household responsibilities, and starts to pack for a relaxing time off with the best company.

But wait, what do you need when planning a short trip? You obviously can’t take four suitcases full of things or pack your entire house, so how do you know that you will remain safe throughout your trip?

Well, we’ve got you covered. Here are some essentials you will need when planning a short trip. These things will keep you comfortable and will prevent feelings of homesickness- trust us.

1. Tiny Clothesline

What is more annoying than having soaking wet clothes and not knowing how to dry them? You obviously can’t stuff them back into your suitcase!

This is where a tiny clothesline can come into play. Even though it can fit in the palm of your hand, it is big and sturdy enough to hang all the clothes you’ve brought with you on your vacation. Who knows when you will have to deal with a wet bathing suit or some clothes that needed to be urgently washed in the sink?

We would advise against hanging a clothesline in your bathroom due to the humidity level. Instead, hang it up in an area where there is air and sunlight or close to a window.

2. Reusable Water Bottle

Plastic is destroying our planet. Not only are reusable water bottles the sustainable option to save the earth, but they are also super convenient. In fact, you may actually get out of paying for your water while you’re traveling!

Moreover, these water bottles can prevent your water from getting hot, regardless of the intensity of the heat. Make sure to fill your reusable water bottle to the brim when stepping foot into the dry airplane.

3. Travel Towel

Who knows if there will be clean towels available back at the hostel or whether the towels at the hotel will fit you comfortably?

If you’re looking to be safe and hygienic, there is nothing better than packing your own travel towel. It should be lightweight and fast-drying to avoid any inconvenience.

4. Lightweight Locks

One of the biggest concerns when planning a short trip is the idea of safety. There is always a risk of your luggage being stolen or your bicycle being towed away by strangers.

If you’re a backpacker staying in a hostel for some time, you should definitely stock up on some lightweight locks. This way, you can lock your hostel room and be assured that no one but you has the keys. Moreover, you can lock your luggage and even your bicycle around any street light when going into the restaurant for a cup of coffee.

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