How to Build Your Own Mini Garden

How to Build Your Own Mini Garden

Legend has it that tiny fairies can be found in mini gardens. Well, we wouldn’t be too surprised if that’s true! After all, a mini garden can super magical, refreshing, and oh-so-cute! Whether you want to grow your mini garden in a little container or in an open space by your window, the guide below will break it down for you:

1.   Select a Site

You need the right place to grow the right plant. Before you build your own mini garden, you need to figure out where it’s going to live. Do you want it in a container, indoors or outdoors, or somewhere by the window? You need to figure out if your decided spot gets enough sunlight.

After you’re done with the big decisions, you can decide which plants you want to grow. Keep in mind that indoor plants are tropical that thrive by staying 60 degrees or more throughout the year. Moreover, outdoor plants will not be able to survive indoors for too long. Whatever you decide, be mindful.

2.   Choose Your Plants

Are you fortunate enough to plant anywhere? In that case, you will find a wonderful collection of miniature trees and shrubs easily available at your convenience. The best part about miniature gardening is that there are a number of cute trees that you can choose from. Some “limbed-up” trees can also be opted for so that the truck is more visible.

Your next step is to figure out your bedding plants. Make sure to match these to your trees, along with the sunlight and water ratio that you have decided on. Opt for easy plants that look adorable and can be grown without too much effort.

3.   Decide a Theme

Yes, the best part! What is your mini garden going to be influenced by? Are you looking for a mini forest or something like a backyard? Do you want a formal setting or something more along the lines of rustic?

Whatever you decide, you cannot go wrong with a mini garden. Even though you may not find miniature versions of your favorite big trees, there are always similar foliage trees that you can plant. When looking for inspiration and ideas, Pinterest is your new best friend. Keep the weather of your area in mind when taking on such a project. Moreover, figure out the accessories you want to add to your space. Remember, too much clutter is not a good idea.

4.   Figure out the Container

There are so many adorable, creative containers available in the market that you can choose from. You can add colorful pots that go with the theme of your garden or decide to keep a minimalistic vibe with neutrals.

If your mini garden follows a formal theme, ceramic pots will look amazing. For rustic themes, you can add unglazed terra cotta pots that bring out the garden. Whichever container you decide you add to your space, make sure you check to see whether it can bear the dry or wet soil.


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