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4-in-1 Soil Moisture Meter Tester Gardening Tool Tester Kits SP

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  • Before using, please install 9V battery, remove the probe cover, and press OFF button for about 5 seconds to close the device.

Lighting measurement

  • Press the ON button to turn ON the instrument;

  • Light sensor window aligned to the highest light source;

  • The current light intensity will be displayed on the LCD screen;


1. do not block light or shadow light sensors

PH range measurement

  • Will be on the back of the [PH /℃] button on the location of the PH.

  • The probe is inserted vertically into the soil and needs to be tested as soon as possible.

  • Press the ON button to start measuring.

  • The PH value of the test will be displayed on the LCD screen.

  • Measure it several times to get the exact value you need.


1. Insert the probe vertically at the edge of the plant stem in the middle.

2. Please gently push into the soil to avoid damaging the probe.

3. If the measured soil is too dry or fertile to measure the correct PH, the user can sprinkle some water and measure it again in half an hour.

Water measurement

  • Push back [PH /℃] button to℃.

  • Is inserted as vertically as possible into the soil.

  • Press NO to start measuring.

  • Test soil moisture will be displayed on the LCD screen.

Temperature measurement

  • When the humidity is measured, the soil temperature will be displayed on the LCD screen at the same time

  • [℃/℉OFF] button set humidity display is℃or℉.


If the user does not insert the probe into the soil, the correct ambient temperature of the outer space is displayed.


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• 5-7 business days

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Worldwide (15-30 business days)

***Does not ship to: Bulgaria, Czechia, Denmark, Greece, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Lanka, Lativia, Lithuania, Malta, Morocco, Norway, Pakistan, Portugual, Puerto Rico, Romania, Slovakia, Sri, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, and Vietnam.*** Shipping time may vary for COVID situation.